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Bioshield Ltd. is a company founded in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The activity of the company is closely related to the production of well-tested functional nutritional supplements and a series of cosmetic products with close dermatological application. Over the years, Bioshield Ltd. has cooperated with leading European and American pharmaceutical companies. The cosmetic line is developed by specialists with extensive experience – dermatologists and technologists.


Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice – control at every stage from product formulation to marketing.

Bioshield’s strong commitment to quality ensures that our products consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, and that they meet high regulatory standards and requirements in the European Union. Our strict standards guarantee high quality natural health products you can trust in.

Bioshield works with suppliers of the highest quality raw materials.

Our quality control processes assure consumers that all our products meet our requirements and are rigorously tested at all stages of production. Trust must be earned, not bought, and we know that consumers trust us when it comes to their health. Each year, Bioshield launches new products based on the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in order to enable us to provide quality healthcare solutions with a strong evidence base.


Our philosophy is Efficiency and Safety.

The team

Our team works with specialist doctors, pharmacists, chemists, technologists and medical representatives.