General terms of use of

I. Subject

These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Bioshield Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the "provider", on the one hand, and users of websites and services located on the domain and under its domains (called for brevity of the "site").

II. General information according to the Electronic Commerce Act

Bioshield Ltd. is a commercial company entered in the Commercial Register kept by The Registry Agency, with UIC 175426132, with registered office and address of management in Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia District, Municipality Bozhurishte, village of Gurmazovo, 80 Gurmazovskoshose str., PC 2226, tel .: 0887 796363, e-mail address: [email protected] and [email protected], which sells goods at a distance through the e-commerce website administered by him.

III. Legal definitions

The terms used below in these General Terms and Conditions have the following meanings value, namely:

- "Website" is a separate place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unified address (URL) via HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or others materials and resources.

- "" ( is an e-commerce website For the distance sale of goods after they have been expressly requested by The consumer.

- "User" of the site is any individual who acquires goods or uses services that are not intended for commercial or professional activity, and any natural person who as a party to a contract under this law acts outside the scope of its commercial or professional activity, and which is has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions.

- "Service Provider" means a natural or legal person that provides services of the information society.

- "Electronic link" is a link indicated on a specific website, which allows automatic redirection to another website, information resource or object through standardized protocols.

- "E-mail" is an electronic means of storing and transmitting electronic communications via the Internet via standardized protocols.

IV. Access

4.1. "Bioshield" Ltd. does not guarantee the continued operation of bioshieldbg. com

4.2. Bioshield Ltd. reserves the right to terminate access to a specific sub-domain or to the entire site for an unlimited period of time planned or incidentally, without being liable for any occurrences resulting from the suspension is detrimental to the User.

4.3. Bioshield Ltd. reserves the right to redirect the User to other web pages controlled by Bioshield Ltd. In this case for The General Terms and Conditions set out in these pages will apply to the user.

4.4. Bioshield Ltd. reserves the right to redirect the User to other pages on the Internet that are owned and controlled by third parties. Bioshield Ltd. has no control over the content of these pages, therefore it does not bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained therein.

V. Consent to the general conditions and registration

5.1. The website and the goods offered through it, operate under the rules described in these general terms and conditions.

5.2. The use of implies the unconditional acceptance of all listed conditions and rules. If the user does not agree with one or more than the general conditions, he has the right to refrain from using the site, otherwise it is automatically assumed to accept all conditions.

5.3. The text of these General Terms and Conditions is available on the Internet at address ………. in a way that allows his storage and reproduction.

5.4. After agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions the user can make valid purchase orders offered by "Bioshield" Ltd. goods and services is considered bound by the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and obliges to observe them.

VI. Termination of registration

The user may at any time request the deletion of his user profile. The same shall be done immediately after the execution of all validly submitted from him requests, resp. payment by him of the due sale price and expenses for delivery.

VII. Changes in the general conditions

7.1. Bioshield Ltd. reserves the right to change or renew these general terms and conditions, undertaking to notify the Users by publishing in a prominent place in a notice of the change of The general conditions, the text of the amendments or an electronic link to the Internet page on which the amended General Terms and Conditions are available and give them sufficient time to get acquainted with them. The General Terms and Conditions published on www. /… ..

7.2. The changes in the General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relations between The user and "Bioshield" Ltd., arising in connection with a valid filed before the notification under 7.1. application for the purchase of goods, as in relation to the accepted application the general conditions valid at the time of confirmation of the application shall apply, except unless the current legislation provides otherwise.

VIII. protection of personal data

8.1. Bioshield Ltd. observes the rules and principles for storage and processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic Bulgaria.

8.2. By requesting to purchase goods on the site the user gives his explicit consent for Bioshield Ltd. to collect and use his data. These may include first name, last name, last name, address, occupation, gender, age group, telephone, e-mail address, and any other information provided by the user upon registration, and the information which he enters or provides when making requests for purchase of goods provided by Bioshield Ltd.

8.3. In the user registration form, as well as in the form for making orders for the purchase of goods filled in by the User, "Bioshield" Ltd. indicates the mandatory or voluntary nature of the provision of the data; and the consequences of refusing to provide them.

8.4. Bioshield Ltd. collects and uses the services provided by users for the purposes set out in these General Terms and Conditions, as well as for offering new goods (free or paid), for promotions, for organizing raffles, inquiries, surveys, to adapt the services offered to consumer preferences, for statistical and other purposes.

8.5. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to the processing of his data for the purposes of direct marketing. The user may object to this by sending a written message to Bioshield Ltd. at the above address or e-mail.

IX. Disclosure of information to third parties

In case the User or persons under his control have performed actions in contrary to law or have violated the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, Bioshield Ltd. has the right to provide personal information about The user of the relevant competent state authorities following the current legislation.

X. Cookie Policy uses "cookies". If the user does not want to to collect data about it through the use of cookies, there is an easy procedure in browser, which allows him to delete all cookies and disable the placement them.

XI. Control for observance of the current legislation and protection of consumers

The activity that Bioshield Ltd. performs through is controlled by the following state bodies to which the User may turn in case his rights have been violated:

- Consumer Protection Commission:;

- Commission for Personal Data Protection:;

- Communications Regulation Commission:

XII. Copyright on the information on Advertise on products and services.

12.1 Intellectual property rights over all elements and resources, located on the e-commerce website (including available databases and published articles) are subject to protection under the Law on the copyright and related rights belong to Bioshield OOD or respectively the specified person, who has transferred the right to use Bioshield OOD, and cannot be used without permission from Bioshield Ltd.

12.2. The User 's right of access does not include the right to copy or reproduce information and use intellectual property, unless it is insignificant information intended for personal use use, provided that the legitimate interests of the authors are not unduly prejudiced or other holders of intellectual property rights and in the event that the copying or reproduction is carried out for non-commercial purposes.

12.3. Advertising of products and services offered and performed by third parties is admissible on the site only after explicit agreement in writing between third parties and Bioshield Ltd.

XIII. Limits

13.1. Bioshield Ltd. tries to keep it up to date the information presented on the site, but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the same. Typographical and technical errors are possible - in the product descriptions and their value (price).

13.2. Bioshield Ltd. does not guarantee that the provided products will satisfy the requirements of the User.

13.3. Bioshield Ltd. is not responsible for not providing access to bioshieldbg. com, as well as for the non-processing or untimely processing of requests for purchase, in the event of circumstances beyond its control - force majeure, accidental events, problems in the provision of services outside the control of "Bioshield" Ltd., as well as in case of unauthorized access or interference of third parties in the functioning of the information system or server.

13.4. Bioshield Ltd. is not liable to the User for damages and lost profits resulting from termination, suspension, modification or limitation of services, deletion, change, loss, unreliability, the inaccuracy or incompleteness of information transmitted, used or made available through

XIV. Dispute resolution

All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of mutual understanding and a goodwill. If this is not achieved, all unresolved disputes arising out of or relating to the contract between the parties, including disputes, arising out of or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes to fill gaps in the contract or its adaptation to emerging circumstances will be permitted under court order by the competent court in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia.

XV. Applicable law

For matters not settled in these General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.