Rogodex Eye Drops 10ml

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Rogodex are highly effective eye drops that quickly and effectively moisturize the surface of your eyes and provide a quick and long-lasting relief of the dry eye. Due to its active ingredients sodium hyaluronate 0.15% and dexpanthenol 2%, Rogodex is effective in irritation, burning,  lighted eyes, foreign body sensation caused by various environmental factors such as dust, smoke, UV rays, dry heat (eg radiator / sauna), air conditioning, wind , reduced frequency of blinking due to prolonged TV viewing or concentrated and prolonged computer work after laser surgery, swimming in chlorinated water pools.

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Rogodex / Rodex Eye Drops 10ml. – medical product


Rogodex eye drops contains sodium hyaluronate 0.15% long-lasting, intense ocular lubricants dexpanthenol 2% (provitamin B5), which acts as an additional lubricant to quickly repair the damaged cornea. Rogodex eye drops are preservative-free and phosphate-free.

Rogodex – intensive therapeutic care

– Greatly relieves dry eye after eye surgery-300 drops in 10 ml.

– Improves wound healing due to the lubricating properties of dexpanthenol

-compatible with contact lenses

– restores the natural protective barrier of the cornea of the eyesterile for 365 days after opening

Rogodex is a medical device for improving wound healing.

Rogodex is used:

  • For the treatment of diseases of the non-inflammatory crown: corneal dystrophy, corneal degeneration, recurrent corneal erosion and corneal lesions in contact lens wearers.
  • Additional treatment in case of: corneal lesions, conjunctival lesions, chemical exhaustion, burns and lighted eyes.
  • Complementary treatment to complement the specific treatment of inflammatory lesions of bacterial, viral and mycotic origin.
  • Dry eye

As a result, Rogodex Eye Drops brings lasting relief from the discomfort associated with:

  • mechanical stress caused by wearing hard or soft contact lenses or by ophthalmic diagnostic procedures;
  • environmental stress caused by an air-conditioning system, wind, cold, dryness, air polluted by, for example, cigarette smoke;• visual stress from prolonged gaze, for example when working with computers, a microscope or when driving vehicles continuously.

Without preserving phosphates, Rogodex eye drops are also well tolerated with prolonged use.

How to use?

To open the bottle, remove the retaining ring by pulling until it is completely removed. Then open the cap by pulling up. Tilt your head bottle back, look up and gently pull the lower eyelid.

Close your eyes slowly so that the liquid spreads evenly over the surface of the eye.

After use, close the bottle by gently pushing the lid on the opening. If the discomfort worsens or does not improve, please consult your ophthalmologist!

Thanks to the special innovative sterile droplet filter system, a small amount of product always remains in the bottle


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