Terms of purchase, delivery and return of a product

1. Subject

These general terms and conditions govern the relations between Bioshield Ltd. and users of the site on the occasion of purchase and sale of goods (food supplements) offered in the online store.

2. Information about the offered goods

2.1. Bioshield Ltd. publishes in a description of the main ones characteristics of each product, the selling price, including VAT, as well as information on postage and transport costs not included in the price of the goods, related to their delivery, information on payment methods, delivery and performance of the contract, the term for the delivery of the ordered goods and the right to the consumer to withdraw from the contract, as well as the conditions and manner of exercising the right of withdrawal, as well as the period for which the offer and price remain in force.

2.2. "Bioshield" Ltd. is not responsible for the inaccuracy of the specified by Manufacturer information about the characteristics of the product.

3. Public invitation

The publication of the main characteristics and the price of a product on the page of is a public invitation within the meaning of Art. 290, para. 1 of the Commercial Law to make a purchase request. The same is valid until depletion of quantities.

4. Purchase request

4.1. The submission of a purchase request by the consumer is done through perform the following actions sequentially:

• determining the type and quantity of the goods and confirming the order through pressing the virtual button "BUY", marked against the respective product;

• view delivery information (possibility to change the address for delivery, indicating a convenient delivery time and determining additional conditions to the request in the field "Comment");

• choosing a method of payment of the selling price of the goods and introduction/change the invoice data;

• re-confirmation of the request.

4.2. The purchase order is considered made after clicking the "Order" button.Until now, the user has the opportunity to view and change the requested by him goods, quantities, method of payment and other data related to the specific application.

4.3. In case of incomplete, incorrect, or wrong address and/or telephone number at the submission of the application, it is considered that the same is invalid and for "Bioshield" Ltd. no-obligation arises for its implementation.

4.4. The request takes effect between the parties after checking the availability of the goods ordered for purchase and after confirming its validity to the one indicated by user phone contact or by sending a message to the specified by his e-mail address.

5. Confirmation of the order

5.1. Purchase request is accepted by Bioshield Ltd. by sending a message to a user-specified e-mail address that contains:

- name, address of management and correspondence data of Bioshield (including email address) and an electronic link to the text of these General Terms and Conditions;

- information on the main characteristics of the ordered goods;

- the selling price of the goods including all fees;

- the value of postage or transport costs not included in the selling price and related to its delivery, if and to the extent that such are due;

The payment method chosen by the user, the invoice details provided and the address for delivery;

-Information on the consumer 's right to withdraw from the contract in connection with the contract application;

- the term for delivery of the ordered goods.

5.2. If Bioshield Ltd. does not have the goods ordered for purchase, the company notifies the Client of its exhaustion on the contact telephone number indicated by the Client or by sending a message to the email address specified by the Client in up to three working days.

5.3. The user has the right to refuse or change his order within one hour from the moment of its confirmation.

6. Price and method of payment

6.1. All prices in the online store are announced in Bulgarian levs and include tax on value-added (in case such is due). The indicated prices of the individual goods are for a single quantity and do not include delivery costs.

6.2. The price and delivery costs can be paid by cash on delivery at the delivery of goods.

6.3. The consumer pays the sale price of the goods purchased by him, as well as postage or transport costs not included in this price related to its delivery, provided that such is due.

7. Delivery

7.1. Bioshield Ltd. delivers goods only on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

7.2. The goods ordered for purchase are delivered within 24 to 72 hours to the door or office of the courier company "Econt Express".

7.3. The consumer has the right to refuse to receive the goods ordered by him for purchase, when:

- the delivered goods do not correspond to the one ordered for purchase and this can be done established by its ordinary examination;

- the goods or their packaging have been damaged during transport;

- the price presented to the consumer for payment does not correspond to the due price;

- the delivery deadline has not been met.

8. Cancel the order and return the product

The consumer has the right to cancel the purchased product and return it within fourteen working days from the date of receipt of the goods, which is mentioned in the documentation of the courier company. The goods must not be with distorted commercial appearance, i.e. to be missing the packaging, to be missing documentation, to be damaged packaging integrity. Bioshield Ltd. undertakes to restore to the consumer the full purchase value of the goods no later than 30 days from the date of which the consumer has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract under Art. 55, para 6 of ZZP.

9. Rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the purchase of goods

9.1. Bioshield Ltd. undertakes:

- to transfer to the Client the ownership of the ordered goods;

- to deliver the ordered goods on time;

9.2. The user undertakes:

Indicate the exact and valid email address, telephone number, as well as the correct and valid delivery address when submitting an application for the purchase of goods;

- to pay the price of the goods ordered by him and the delivery costs;

- to receive the goods.